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About Ceil Tex Inc | Commercial Services

CEIL TEX INC was founded in Houston TX in 2004 and now serves all major markets in Texas. We occasionally go out of state and have travelled as far as Maine for projects. We are proud of the business we have built and are sincerely grateful to our client base that have helped us grow.

CEIL TEX INC was initially created to serve restaurants, hotels, hospitals and grocery stores as a Ceiling and Wall Cleaning business, and we still serve a lot of those same clients to this day. Over the years we became the Full-Service ceiling company we are today, and with the demand and support of our clients, now offer the additional services we do.

We strive to continually improve our services, and always operate with the mindset of what is best for our customers. Our company is based on Christian principles and most of our staff do attend church weekly. I personally believe that is what helps members of our team do the right thing every day of every week.

We look forward to the opportunity to do our best for you.

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