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Ceiling AC Vent Options

If your AC vents at your facility are starting to look like they’ve seen better days, CEIL TEX does offer a refurbishing service where we properly clean and re-paint them for a fraction of the cost of replacement. In many cases, they end up looking the same as when they were installed.

For the ones that are beyond that point, you may have to consider replacing them. For the 2x2 Supply style, a stepdown design is the most popular these days, and the most maintenance friendly. A louvered style is best and is also maintenance friendly for the AC returns.

Most in the market place are still made of metal, but PVC are gaining popularity, due to the low maintenance factor. They do have the proper UL ratings and can be used in almost all the same locations as the metal ones.

The benefit with the PVC vents is they never need painting, will never rust and come on both WHITE & BLACK colors. Please call or email with any inquiries.

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