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Ceiling Cleaning

Ceil Tex Inc. is one of the most established and experienced companies in the State Of Texas when it comes to Ceiling and Wall Cleaning. Our trained crews have the knowledge and experience to not only do a great job of cleaning your facility, but can also replace any damaged or old ceiling tiles and grid, light lens covers or AC Vents.

We offer cleaning services for Kitchen Ceiling Tiles, Dining Room Ceiling Tiles, Overhead Structure Cleaning and more.

Ceil Tex Inc. has established many clients in many different industries over the years, and can facilitate anything from small jobs in restaurants to large jobs in multi chain retail or grocery stores, Hotels, Hospitals, Food and Beverage or Manufacturing Facilities.

If open ceiling structure cleaning is required to remove dust and dirt from any type of ceiling surface, beams, HVAC ducting etc., we can help you with that as well.

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