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Ceiling Lighting Options

These days there aren’t too many people who are not concerned about their utility bill costs. In a commercial building, lighting can play a big role in that cost depending on style and age of the lights. If you have a facility that has the traditional 2x4 Lay in Fluorescent lights, chances are you may have already upgraded from the T -12 lights to T-8 lights over the years. The T-8 has the thinner style bulbs and are quite a bit more efficient than previous generation lights.

Sometimes it can be an issue, especially as the years go by to keep the look of the lights the same. As different maintenance people come and go, or the supplier where the lights are purchased from changes inventory that they stock, the brand or light color picked out may be different from what was purchased or supplied with fixture initially.

If you are considering changing some, or all the lights, T8 is still a popular and affordable choice, but LED lighting is now very popular as well since it has become a lot more affordable since entering the market place. LED lights are now of course available for accent, track and can lighting as well. Please call or email us for any inquiries.

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