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Cleaning Dining Ceiling Tiles

Dining Ceiling Tile Cleaning

Dining Ceiling Tile Cleaning is very important to your restaurants overall appearance. If you have a dirty looking dining room ceiling, your customers may think the rest of your restaurant is dirty as well.

We have helped improved the appearance of many restaurant Dining ceilings by either cleaning the entire ceiling, or by cleaning most of it and replacing the badly water stained ones that are usually by the AC vents. The 2nd option is pretty common but in the end you have spent a fraction of the cost of complete replacement. We also offer services like cleaning and painting the AC vents to make them look better.

When it comes to finding the replacement tiles need for your facility we are experts at matching the ones you currently have. We have credit lines with every major manufacturer and can typically provide the same tiles you currently have installed at your location.

We are a fully insured and bonded company and all our cleanings are scheduled after hours to not disrupt your business.

We offer dining ceiling cleaning in and around Houston such as Katy, Sugar Land, Pearland, Pasadena and Kingwood. We also travel to areas such as Galveston and The Woodlands quite often as well. Please call for a no obligation consultation on your dining ceiling tile cleaning project.

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